About Us

Wrist guards for serious riders.

As a Onewheel racer, Dave Stewart was no stranger to taking a fall. He knew the importance of high-quality safety gear and quickly realized no one focused on making the best wrist guards possible. So Dave decided he would.

The first step was optimizing the heavy-duty under-wrist plastic for the right amount of flex and impact absorption. Fxnction's first production run was tested at the Dirt Surferz Onewheel race in Arkansas. Racers broke a few pairs on the sharp Shale rock but came away impressed.

Dave continued to refine the design with the best riders. He incorporated premium materials and new models, which offered more comfort and protection. People noticed, word spread, and Fxnction wrist guards took off.

More wrist guards meant more boxes to pack and ship, more customers to support, more investment, and more headaches. In 2023, Future Motion, makers of Onewheel, acquired Fxnction Gear and brought Dave in-house as Fxnction Gear Product Development Lead. With Dave's experience and drive to design industry-leading gear and Future Motion's capacity to help scale the operation and solve key challenges, this partnership is a win for the riding world. Going forward, Fxnction Gear will continue to create the highest quality safety gear for Onewheel riders and beyond.

"I believe we can change the culture and actually make wrist guards (and other protective gear) cool. We can make them something that people want to wear and are proud of wearing," says Dave. "That's what the brand is about."